4G/LTE mobile signals and TV interference

Rollout of 4G mobile transmitter masts has sped up in the past year or so, some areas have experienced lots of problems and others very little.

In my experience, the interference has been more of a problem in fringe reception areas, where heavy amplification is required for troublefree viewing. The amplifier also amplifies the signal from the 4G mast, swamping the TV signals. Fixing the problem will often involve swapping out masthead amplifiers with 4G filtered models and occasionally also fitting a mastheaed LTE filter.

If you’ve received a free filter from at800 and it isn’t making any difference, give 1towatch a call and we can fix the problem for you.


Skype app on smart TVs to be removed

As Microsoft will stop supporting the Skype app for smart TVs, some manufacturers will remove the app from new TV software updates. Those with Skype installed on their existing TV can continue using it, but there will be no updates after June 2016.

from broadbandtvnews