Astra 1 Analogue signals to disappear at the end of the month

If you are at present watching Eurosport on Astra 19.2 on an old analogue receiver, then it’s time to think about upgrading your receiver to a digital model.


Eurosport¬†Germany is available free to air on the same satellite and whilst it doesn’t carry the English language soundtrack¬†is still worth watching, also RTL analogue will be switched off, so unless you upgrade, no more F1.

If you are using an old dish, the LNB may need swapping out for a Universal model, but this is a relatively inexpensive job, try the receiver first and see if it works.

At present Eurosport Poland carries an English soundtrack on Hotbird 13 East and with a second digital receiver and a multi LNB setup on the dish, it is possible to combine the two feeds to get the best of both worlds.

If you need help on going digital, call 07971 327931 1towatch


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