Starlink, fast reliable internet anywhere

Many people with little hope of decent internet speeds in their location are turning to Starlink. We have installed several systems in the past couple of months and the performance is excellent, leaving the customer very satisfied. You can order your kit from Order Starlink, but may be worth speaking to us regarding any extras you may require for your particular installation.

Sonning, Berkshire.
Shinfield, Berkshire, Internet problems solved
South Oxfordshire, massive improvement on Internet speeds

Switching off of COM7 multiplex on Freeview

The 30th of June saw the switching off of COM7 multiplex on Freeview, the frequency will now be used for 5G mobile and a retune is required. Affected channels are as in the image below. Most channels on the affected multiplex have disappeared completely for at least the short term, but probably altogether.

May be an image of text that says "Which channels are affected? BBC Four HD This channel will move to another multiplex] BBC News HD [This channel is confirmed as closing; BBC News will be SD only.] CBeebies HD [This channel will move to another multiplex.] •Forces TV FreeSports •More4+1 NOW 80s Quest HD Quest Red+1 QVCHD oo QVC Beauty HD America+1 .That's TV Music* .That's TV •Together*"

4G/LTE mobile signals and TV interference

Rollout of 4G mobile transmitter masts has sped up in the past year or so, some areas have experienced lots of problems and others very little.

In my experience, the interference has been more of a problem in fringe reception areas, where heavy amplification is required for troublefree viewing. The amplifier also amplifies the signal from the 4G mast, swamping the TV signals. Fixing the problem will often involve swapping out masthead amplifiers with 4G filtered models and occasionally also fitting a mastheaed LTE filter.

If you’ve received a free filter from at800 and it isn’t making any difference, give 1towatch a call and we can fix the problem for you.


Skype app on smart TVs to be removed

As Microsoft will stop supporting the Skype app for smart TVs, some manufacturers will remove the app from new TV software updates. Those with Skype installed on their existing TV can continue using it, but there will be no updates after June 2016.

from broadbandtvnews

Sky push down the price for internet connected TV adapters

The newly launched Now TV box, will retail at £9.99 and make available free internet services such as BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, BBC and Sky news apps, plus no doubt more to come in time. The box should connect to most modern TVs.

NOW TV will offer access to Sky Sports and Sky Movies on a pay per view basis, plus internet services such as Facebook and Spotify.


To contact your aerial installer in Reading, go to 1towatch

Tile and slate mount for Sky minidish, in this case tucked away in a hidden gulley




2013-06-08 15.59.03 2013-06-08 15.00.01


End of May, Oxford TV transmitter changes and re-tuning required

For those of you receiving your TV from Oxford transmitter, due to frequency clearance in readiness for 4G mobile services, a retune of your TV or Freeview box will be required on the morning of 29th of May. The multiplex to be moved carries CITV, ITV 3, E4, 5*, 5 USA and a number of other TV and Radio stations, these will all disappear that morning and as stated above, a retune will be required.

Recent Installations by 1towatch

First image is a 60cm Triax dish with an Inverto 4.3 degree monobloc LNB, this will receive Astra 19.2 East and Hotbird 13 degrees East.  Second image is a mini log periodic antenna for digital reception and a Sky minidish with quad LNB, both on compact galvanised chimney cradle bracket.log_periodic_sky


4G is coming, bringing ultra fast mobile internet, but at what cost to your TV viewing?

Once the auctions are finalised for the new 800 Mhz spectrum which has been cleared by the analogue switch off, 4G mobile ultra fast data services will be rolled out from a transmitter near you.


Now whilst this will be very popular with those who use their mobiles and handheld devices for streaming TV and videos (and can afford to pay for it), it may well have dire consequences for TV reception in homes and blocks of flats adjacent to transmitter masts, or where the 4G transmitter is in line between their aerial and the TV transmitter mast.


The government and a service company comprising the main bidders for licences have allocated £180m to a fund, the purpose of which is to abate any problems as they arise.  They estimate that approximately 2.5m homes may suffer from interference and the plan is to send them each a set back filter.


Having recently been to a seminar with Europe wide aerial equipment manufacturer Televes and carrying out simulations, it is clear that in cases where the 4G signals are very strong, TV reception will be impossible without fairly major rethinks on type of aerial fitted and any amplification involved, set back filters alone will probably not be sufficient.


The problem we in the aerial industry have, is that despite carrying out simulations, we cannot accurately predict how severe the interference will be and also how we can future proof systems against potential interference in the mean time.


1towatch along with our state of the art spectrum analysis equipment will be carrying a stock of passive filters, filtered masthead amplifiers and aerials designed to limit the affects of 4G, when they appear on the market, but as of this time, we may not be able to guarantee perfect reception until these masts are finally commissioned and onsite tests can be carried out.


At present we have little or no information on the launch dates for these services, but will update this blog when more information is forthcoming, we will of course be informing all current customers of the potential for interference.





1towatch can now supply and install chimney cowls

1towatch will now be offering an additional service when working on your roof aerial of supplying and installing a chimney cowl.


Above is a square model, fitted today.

As we don’t carry a large stock of these, we may need a few days notice prior to installation.


We can of course fit chimney cowls even if you do not require any aerial work, please phone Rolf on 07971327931 and a quote can be arranged.