Post digital switchover Berkshire

February and April digital switchovers came and went for Hannington and Crystal Palace in Berkshire, has it meant trouble free reception for all?


Well, yes and no.


Whilst overall signal strengths have improved, meaning that customers in bad reception areas have much more solid reception, customers in good reception areas like Tilehurst where reception is possible from multiple transmitters, are now receiving unwanted secondary signals, often causing TVs and PVRs to select channels from the wrong region when retuning. This can manifest itself as picture break up at the worst, or simply receiving the incorrect local news region at best.


To solve this problem, 1towatch can either reduce the received signal strength at the mast, before any distribution amplifier, or alternatively fit a band pass filter before the amplifier or at the TV set. 1towatch now have access to specially designed band pass filters which aside from blocking unwanted regional signals, can also block unwanted signals from non-TV sources, particularly the forthcoming 4G mobile network which may cause digital TV interference to some channels once operational.







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