French analogue channels on Atlantic bird to cease broadcasting November 29th

For those of you still watching these channels on an analogue receiver TF1 etc, now is the time to start thinking of an alternative.

By far the easiest solution is to obtain a Fransat card and compatible receiver from one of the large French supermarket chains, or DIY sheds. If you are unable to facilitate this, then 1towatch are attempting to arrange a small supply of these.

Oxford transmitter switchover begins Wednesday 14th September

For all of those in West Berkshire receiving their TV from Oxford transmitter, the analogue switch off begins Wednesday the 14th of September. BBC 2 will be switched off and one multiplex will move over to a vacant frequency, this will require a retune of your TV and or Freeview box.

Two weeks later on the 28th of September, the remaining analogue channels will be switched off and the digital multiplexes moved to different frequencies, so a further retune will be required to maintain a full list of services.

When doing a retune on many Freeview boxes and TVs, make sure you choose the option to replace existing services, or new installation, not add channels.


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