F1 series 2012, don’t want to subscribe to sky, but want to watch the races?

As Formula One fans will know, not all races will be shown free to air on the BBC, as Sky have the rights to half of them and non-subscribers will be left out in the cold.

McLaren Driver Jenson Button
McLaren Driver Jenson Button


Well all is not lost, as several European satellite channels will be showing the races Free To Air. RTL Germany is my personal favourite, it’s easy to receive with a Sky minidish (or similar size) and an inexpensive Free to Air digital satellite receiver, plus the picture quality is what we are used to in the UK.

Although the commentary will be in German, you can listen to the commentary on Radio 5 Live, either on DAB or by internet feed.

So if you are interested in setting up your F1 viewing for the forthcoming season, give 1towatch a call on 07971 327931 and we can have you up and running so you won’t miss any races.